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Samir Karnik, the renowned director, producer and writer, entered the bollywood with the dream of making some meaningful and quality cinema that can entertain as well as excite the audience. In his short eight years of career, he has come up with different types and categories of movies. Right from romantic, to comedy and to action, he has showcased his talent in diverse streams of film making. With the taste of both success and failure, this man has learned a lot over these years and look forward to come up with several entertaining and exciting movies. Over the years the movies , which have been made under his creative excellence include:

Kyun Ho Gaya Na – A romantic flick directed by Samir Karnik and produced by Boney Kapoor features Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi in lead roles. The movie covers the relationship of the lead actors, where the actor till end is unaware of his feelings for the girl. It is in end that he realizes his true love and feelings for the girl, when she get decided to marry her childhood friend. A simple story about love and life, the movie is a situational romantic comedy having both light and complex moment of life.

Nanhe Jaisalmer – The movie directed by Samir Karnik is a story of a ten year boy, who is a self proclaimed best camel jockey in all of the Jaisalmer. With his muti-lingual skills he has won the heart of several tourists and he himself is extremely fond of actor Bobby Deol, who he portray as his best friend. The film featuring Dwij Yadav and Bobby Deol shows the craze and passion the audience have for their favourite actors. The film was awarded Certificate of excellence at the California Children Film Festival.

Heroes - Heroes released in the year 2008, is a film directed by Samir Karnik and written by Aseem Arora showcase the love and passion of soldiers of sacrifice their life for the sake of the country. The film is all about the two film academy students, who decide making a documentary stating reasons behind not joining the Indian Armed Force. During their journey of documentary making they come across three families, whose dear ones have sacrifice their life for the sake of the country and the family members are highly proud of their act. These incidents completely change the believe and thought of these two men. The script of the movie was asked to be a part of the Academic of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Yamla Pagla Deewana – The comedy flick starring Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol beautifully captures the wonderful chemistry between the Deols. Directed by Samir Karnik and jointly produced by Nitin Manmohan and Samir Karnik, the film released in January 2011. This movie reminds the audience of the yesteryear films with the typical masala film. The movie has the perfect balance of action, drama and comedy.

Char Din Ki Chandni – It is a romantic comedy film featuring Tushar Kapoor and Kulraaj Randhawa in the lead roles and Anupam Kher and Anita Raj in the supporting roles. Released in March 2012, was a loud comedy having funny and romantic sequences. The points that keep the film going are some ridiculously comical sequences.